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Curry leaf is moving

time to celebrate the new logo and address of ravintola curry leaf

This autumn 2022, they are moving from their current location near Prisma Olari to a new address at Koronakatu 1B in Espoo. Help us in making this move special for them and win free dinner at Curry leaf’s new premises and 20% discount coupons.

Read below to know more.

Ravintola Curry leaf is one of the co-founder restaurants of the NoutoAteria partner network. They joined our service during pilot trials and have been with us since then. Their contribution to NoutoAteria is great food, awesome customer service and generosity in helping us improve our product. We feel very humbled and lucky to have partners like Curry leaf. We want to make their new opening a special one. And we want to do this by inviting guests to their new place at our cost.

Here is what we have planned.

We want to invite three couples, on days of their choice for a dinner date at Curry leaf’s new premises. The three-course dinner would include an appetizer, main-course and a dessert of couple’s choice from Curry leaf’s menu.

We want to offer “20% discount codes” to 15 different people. These codes can be redeemed on orders made to Curry leaf using NoutoAteria.

We cannot choose all these people just by ourselves. So, we want you to participate actively and help us make this opening special for Curry leaf.

Here is what you have to do.

Follow NoutoAteria and Curry leaf on the social media of your choice. NoutoAteria is available on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. Curry leaf is available on Facebook and Instagram.

Go to the social media page of NoutoAteria (that you have followed) and like our post where we have announced about “Curry leaf moving to new address”. We will add such posts after Aug 21, 2022.

Wait for us to announce winners in the evening of the first day of Curry leaf opening at their new address. To know the exact dates of the announcement, stay tuned to our social media handles.

How do we decide who are the winners?

On the first day of opening, and at 12:00 hrs, we will collect the names of people who have followed NoutoAteria on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok and have also liked our post where we have announced about “Curry leaf moving to new address”.

We will randomly choose one winner from Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok each and invite all three of them for couple’s dinner on a date of their choice. If all the winners of couple’s dinner agree on the same date – we may have an additional surprise for them.

Next, we will randomly choose 5 different people from Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok each. These 15 winners will each get one 20% discount coupon that can be redeem on NoutoAteria for ordering food at Curry leaf.

We will first contact the winners on Social media via a DM. On agreement, their first names will be announced on our Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

Other rules

  • Anybody associated with NoutoAteria and Curry leaf are not eligible to join.
  • Any of the coupons or winner nominations cannot be exchanged with Cash.
  • Discount codes are valid only for
    • One time use before 31.12.2022.
    • Online orders made to Curry leaf using NoutoAteria
  • Winners of Couple’s dinner have to use their prize before 31.12.2022.
  • Winners from one social media platform will be ruled out from the raffle for another social media platform.


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