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Introducing Self Service Kiosks for shopping malls

syö niitty - first in finland

Syö Niitty will help the mall visitors to order their food when they arrive and utilize their “waiting time” to continue on their regular shopping.

As a First in Finland, we are glad to introduce the SYÖ series of self service kiosks, powered by NoutoAteria. We have installed the first kiosk in this series at Kauppakeskus Niitty in Espoo and call it Syö Niitty. Syö Niitty is a unique self service kiosk that people can use for ordering their food from restaurants in Kauppakeskus Niitty, a shopping mall located next to the Niittykumpu metro station.

The mall hosts shops like S-market, K-market and restaurants like Ravintola Futo, Subway, Kotipizza. The mall is a key destination for people living nearby for their day-to-day shopping. Syö Niitty will help the mall visitors to order their food when they arrive and utilize their “waiting time” to continue on their regular shopping.

NoutoAteria – Self service kiosk teaser

Save time on your shopping trip!

We created the SYÖ series kiosks to help people save time on every shopping trip. There is absolutely no need to walk around the mall to checkout the restaurants. The kiosk lists all of the restaurants in the shopping mall (that use NoutoAteria), including their menu and prices. All you need to do is to order the meal of your choice and continue shopping. Our system will notify you when the food is ready for pick-up or dine-in.

How does the self service kiosk work?

The kiosk is easy to use and helps you utilize your “waiting time” doing something more productive than just waiting at the restaurant.

We will send you order details via Email or SMS. The restaurant you choose will receive your order on their phone or tablet. Usually, they confirm the order within 5-6 minutes. However, this time may vary a little based on how busy the kitchen is at that time. Once the order is confirmed, you will get an update about how soon the order is ready for pick-up or dine-in.

Using the kiosk is secure

Some restaurants prefer that their order is paid already. You can pay for such orders by scanning the QR code that appears on the kiosk or use the payment link sent to your Email address. For all other orders, you can pay directly at the restaurant. We value your privacy and your data is secure with us.

Interested to try our new kiosk and support local businesses? Visit Kauppakeskus Niitty and try it out for yourself. Our kiosks are also located at selected Regus business centers in Uusimaa. To know more about these kiosks, get in touch with our team:

Installation inquiries: victoria [at] codemenders.com or victoria [at] noutoateria.fi

More information: info [at] codemenders.com

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