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Hello world / Introduction / Restaurants

Hello world, meet Curry leaf

Text in the picture says that NoutoAteria loves Curry leaf

Curry leaf is a must go place for enjoying mouthwatering dishes from different parts of India. They joined NoutoAteria on 1.1.2022 and offer Take away services through our portal.

Curry leaf is an Indian and Finnish cuisine restaurant that is located in the same building as Prisma Olari. Founded in 2016, they offer an exquisite lunch buffet and á la carte services. What I like the best about this restaurant is their attention to details and their passion for good customer service.

I prefer my Palak paneer cooked differently and I have never had to repeat my instructions and preferences at this restaurant. My food comes on my table, how I like it. Plus, the warm hospitality is an icing on the cake.

My 5 favorite dishes from their menu are: Palak paneer, Samosa chat, Chicken tikka masala, Kadai chicken and Vegetable biryani. Curry leaf joined NoutoAteria on 1.1.2022 and have been offering á la carte services through our portal.


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