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Celebrating Success – 2023 Wall of fame!

Hall of Fame 2023

As we kick off the new year we would like to thank everyone who was making their orders via NoutoAteria! We’re grateful for your support that made 2023 truly special. We thank your loyalty and trust in NoutoAteria have been the driving force during 2023. Honoring Our 2023 Champions Before we weet New Year, let’s…


Featured in Helsinki Sanomat

Read this article in English Tiesitkö, että NoutoAteria ilmestyi Helsingin Sanomissa viime vuonna? Helsingin Sanomat on suomalainen sanomalehti, joka perustettiin vuonna 1889 nimellä “Päivälehti” ja muutettiin vuonna 1905 Helsingin Sanomille. Nykyään se on yksi Suomen suurimmista ja tunnetuimmista sanomalehdistä. Haastattelu ja kuva on otettu Leppävaarassa sijaitsevan Taste of India – ravintolan edessä. Paikka ei valittu…


Let’s welcome 2023 in style

Order from NoutoAteria and win tickets to SkyWheel Helsinki.

Voita paikat upealle uudenvuoden keskiyön ajelulle SkyWheel Helsinki maailmanpyörä kierros! Win seats for a wonderful New Year’s midnight ride on the SkyWheel Helsinki ferris wheel! It is time to say goodbye to 2022 and get ready to welcome the New Year 2023. It is time to take along good memories and to create some more beautiful ones. And it…


Curry leaf is moving

time to celebrate the new logo and address of ravintola curry leaf

This autumn 2022, they are moving from their current location near Prisma Olari to a new address at Koronakatu 1B in Espoo. Help us in making this move special for them and win free dinner at Curry leaf’s new premises and 20% discount coupons. Read below to know more. — Ravintola Curry leaf is one…


Why order using NoutoAteria?

images of food from different cuisines and with text on top telling people to choose noutoateria for their next online order

Part one of many to come, this blog post explores the funny yet responsible side of why you, as a consumer should use NoutoAteria for ordering your next meal. Because you are hungry. Because you want to burn a few calories before you are ready for new ones. Because you know that when you order…


Hello world, meet Ravintola Sargam

NoutoAteria loves Ravintola Sargam

The heart on top of rice is to confirm that your food is prepared with love and dedication. Located in Espoontori, Ravintola Sargam is well connected and easy to reach. — This restaurant is almost a stone’s throw away from my apartment. I visited them for the first time in 2018 and have found them…


Hello world, meet Curry leaf

Text in the picture says that NoutoAteria loves Curry leaf

Curry leaf is a must go place for enjoying mouthwatering dishes from different parts of India. They joined NoutoAteria on 1.1.2022 and offer Take away services through our portal. — Curry leaf is an Indian and Finnish cuisine restaurant that is located in the same building as Prisma Olari. Founded in 2016, they offer an…


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