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Hello world!

Photo shows a lady wearing an orange jacket, enjoying an ice-cream cone. Photo has text that says Hello world - to introduce NoutoAteria.

It is about time that we introduce NoutoAteria to all you amazing people out there. It’s midsummer eve in Finland. Our team has done an amazing job in getting everything in place for launching NoutoAteria from “trial” to “production”. In this new blog, we will talk about NoutoAteria, our amazing team, our values related to this service, and try to answer some of the most common questions like “why should someone use NoutoAteria”. But before we get there, let me introduce NoutoAteria.

What is NoutoAteria?

In the role of a customer, most of us are demanding. We respect the brands or businesses that value our time. We want them to operate online for us to have easy access to their services. This alone makes an online food ordering (and/or delivery) service a must have for any restaurant.

NoutoAteria is the newest kid on the block. It is an online food ordering service which unites restaurants and their customers in the most simple and easy-to-use ways. One of the core values of our service is to support local restaurants, help them develop their services, focus on their operations and let them recover from the after effects of the pandemic.

Why NoutoAteria?

Last few years have been tough on restaurants and during these times, the online food ordering service providers have done an amazing job to connect us (the customers) with the restaurants. However, the majority of the market leaders have charged huge commissions for providing their service to restaurants. No doubt, they have helped grow the number of orders but at the same time, they have also made restaurants pay a lot more for using their services.

My favourite restaurant was busy during the pandemic but they also had to ramp down on their infrastructure because “things don’t add up anymore”. The revenue and the expenses don’t match like they did earlier. Raw materials costs have gone up and they have to pay a lot more on commissions. The least I could do was to keep ordering from them, in person. Together with my team, we took one additional step.

We built NoutoAteria – an online food ordering service that is affordable for the restaurants, adds value to their operations, supports local businesses and helps all of us to grow together.

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Looking forward to your love and support!

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