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Featured in Helsinki Sanomat

Did you know that NoutoAteria was published in Helsingin Sanomat last year? Helsingin Sanomat is Finnish newspaper established in 1889 under the name “Päivälehti” and renamed to “Helsingin Sanomat” in 1905. Nowadays it is one of the biggest and the most famous newspapers in Finland.

The interview and the photo was taken in front of the restaurant Taste of India, located in Leppävaara. The location was not chosen accidentally – Taste of India is one of the first clients of NoutoAteria, which joined the project when it was just starting from the beginning.

In picture is Victoria Mefodyeva, the Project manager for NoutoAteria

It was a surprise and a proud moment for the NoutoAteria team to be invited for an interview and further get published by Helsingin Sanomat. We hope, this article not only gave NoutoAteria some publicity but also brought to the readers, the value and importance of supporting local businesses. You can read the whole article here:

Uusi sovellus elvyttää kovia kokenutta ravintola-alaa – Newspool

Photo by Joona Raevuori. Article text by Mari Korhonen.

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